Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rhythm Lesson #3


So far, we have learned about pulse and meter--two important steps to learning how to read rhythm. Today, we will learn about measures.


Teach this to your child:

When looking at music, you can see that it is divided into vertical lines called bar lines. From bar lines you get measures. It is much easier to read music in measures.

We can study measures from the last lesson we had about meter. Remember duple, triple, and quadruple meter?

When you add bar lines to these examples, you get this:

Double bar lines:

You will see double bar lines when you come to the end of a section or piece. Below is an example of a double bar line.


Marie N. said...

hey, I may learn to read music yet!

Mandy said...

At what ages would you recommend teaching this to?

Jeni said...

I learned to read music right around the time I learned to read words, and I hope my Girlie is the same way!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog to offer potty training advice!!

Lyndsie said...

What a great review! I forgot quite a bit since I've stopped playing the piano.
I bring my little ones to your blog almost every day to do our music lesson. You have such great ideas and ways to teach!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am loving yours. Red Rover starts piano today and we both are soooooo excited. I wish I had been preparing him with all of this stuff, but at least he has a love of music. We listen to bunches of classical stuff. Chatter Box wasn't so keen on it at first, so I began to sit them on my lap and tell them stories about the music. I would just make up stories that told what was going on. To this day, when they hear certain songs, they will be like: "Oh! The house is on fire. Or, the fireflies are dancing" or whatnot. It is hilarious. But it worked!

Kaci said...

Wow I have forgot so much when it comes to reading music. XOXO

Munchkins and Music said...

I recommend teaching this to children who can read, however there isn't any reason why you can't point out to your child who isn't reading yet what a note is, what music looks like, and what the double bar line is etc. as we go though the lessons.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

wow, I know how to play several instruments and I still forget the technical stuff like this. Thanks for the refreasher!

ps. so this weekend wont work for you guys right, at all? Cause Curtis apparently doesn't work this weekend anymore :)

amanda said...

thank goodness beans isn't ready for this yet - i need to brush up on my own skillz!!

Tiffanie said...
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Tiffanie said...

My son is six and can read... I think we might get into this. I was talking just the other day about starting to teach him how to play the piano. I am just worried that if it's too difficult right now that I will push him away from music.

I come from a musical family and background and I really love your site. I'll be back (with my kids) often.

I have a lot on my plate right now (especially with this soon to be born baby), but I'd love to review your site sometime over at My Kids Blog. I think it's great what you are offering over here!

PS It was stripped on Tuesday, but still nothin yet.

Mandy said...

My sister found this great deal on our other blog steals and deals and when I saw it posted I thought of you!

Go check it out! Maybe b/c its a toy that plays music? Either way I think I might order it and put it away for Christmas. Isn't it cute!

Anonymous said...

what an AWESOME photo at the top!

MamaGeek said...

You make it look SO EASY!! :)