Saturday, April 4, 2009

Calming Your Children--the Power of Music

You can visit Seven Clown Circus today and read my post titled Calming Your Children--the Power of Music:

"I walk in the door after a long day of running errands with my cranky and tired kids. I drop the groceries on the counter and sigh as I think of the things I need to do before I can put these tired kids to bed...

Studies at
Columbia University shows that surgeons who use music during operations, on average, were “mellower and better performers in the operating room.”...

So, what type of music will help calm your child?..."

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless/ful Wednesday

What Musical Instrument Am I?
Answer to last Wordless/ful Wednesday: Didgeridoo

Yes, you guessed right!! The Didgeridoo is a wind instrument from Australia. The Didgeridoo is made from Eucalyptus trees that have been hallowed out from termites. The didgeridoo has been around for about 1500 years and is one of the oldest wind instruments. To play the didgeridoo a player will vibrate their lips and blow air against a wax mouthpiece to produce a sound. A didgeridoo player uses a technique called circular breathing, which is a technique that many brass players use. To circular breathe, a player will breathe in through their nose and blow air out of their mouth at the same time. By using this technique, players can play their instrument without moving their mouth off of the mouth piece to take a breath. (
Below is an example of a didgeridoo being played: