Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Music Craft: Guiro or Cabasa

Today's music craft can be played as a guiro (first photo) or a cabasa (second photo).

Materials Needed:

1. 1 clean and dried 10 oz or 14 oz tin can
2. 6 inches of a paper towel roll
3. 100-200 plastic or wood beads (make sure the holes in the beads are big enough to be strung on elastic.)
4. Glue and scissors
5. Elastic
6. Aclyric paint
7. Sand paper


1. Lightly sand the rough side of the tin can.

2. Cut 4 evenly spaced slits in the paper towel roll (slits should 3/4 inches long).

3. Bend the edges down to form flaps (as seen in photo).

4. Glue the flaps to the bottom of the tin can and let dry over night.

5. Paint the tin can and paper towel roll (let dry).

6. Cut 4 to 8 - 10 inch elastic strips for the 10 oz can, or 4 to 8 - 15 inch elastic strips for the 14 oz can.

7. String 25 beads on each elastic strand.

8. String the strands around the tin can and tie the ends together.

9. Now you are ready to play!

To play as a guiro:
Hold the handle and brush a stick over the beads.

To play as a cabasa:

Hold the handle with one hand, and with the other hand move the beads back and forth (as seen in video below).

This great craft idea was from http://www.canadianliving.com/.


Kaci said...

Very cute idea!

Erica said...

I love it! My kids love the crafty musical instruments...thanks for the great idea!

Belinda said...

I love this! I'm inspired now . . .
Thanks for continuing to visit my blog - in spite of the recent long silences:) I'm slowly picking up the pace again.

Andria Sommers said...

You have such cute and fun musical craft ideas. I am going to make the guitar with Reid now that I finally have an empty tissue box. :)

Rosabel said...

I like this craft! I like most of your craft in your blog!

becca said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!
:) I appreciate you putting this together so much!