Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Music for Kids

Halloween CD's Your Kids Will Love:

1. Halloween Howls by Andrew Gold, is a great CD to use for a child Halloween party, and is a great CD to play for your child during the Halloween season. Halloween Howls is fun and has songs such as The Monster Mash and Ghost Busters. Click here to listen.

2. Chilling, Thrilling Sound Effects of the Haunted House by Walt Disney, is a great CD to use for a haunted house or for trick or treaters. Chilling, Thrilling Sound Effects has howling wind, barking dogs, screeching cats, and booing ghosts.
Listen here.

3. Witching Hour by Eban Schletter, has music that could be used at a child Halloween party. My daughter liked the music on Witching Hour because it was "not scary!"
Listen Here

4. Boo, Cackle, Trick or Treat by Sue Schnitzer, is a great Halloween CD for babies and children. On Boo, Cackle, Trick or Treat you will find Halloween action songs and jokes. Most of the music has children singing along with the songs. Click here to listen.

5. Spooky Favorites is another great CD for babies and children. On this CD you will find songs such as the 12 Days of Halloween, Dem Bones, and 5 little pumpkins. Listen here.

6. Halloween Hits is a great CD for your teenager's Halloween dance parties. The music on Halloween Hits is techno and exciting!
Listen here.

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Erin said...

I have a Halloween cd, I'm not sure which one, but my kids LOVE the Purple People Eater song. They could sing it all day, and they have made up actions to the "one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater."

amanda said...

oh yay honey - i love halloween music! how fun!!

Leah said...

thanks for the suggestions. Those sound fun!

Anonymous said...

Great tip! Blessings, Whitney

Anonymous said...
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