Monday, October 6, 2008

Music Activities for Kids

Singing Time

Here is a fun activity you can do to teach new songs and to review old songs with your child:

1. Find a picture for each song your child knows, and find a picture for the songs you want your child to learn.

2. Under each picture type the name of the song that goes with that picture (e.g. under the picture of children dancing you would type Loop de Loo.)

3. Print out each picture onto card stock paper.

4. Laminate each picture (I like to use clear cover self-adhesive covering. You can buy self-adhesive covering at a grocery store for around $4.00.)

5. Cut out each picture.

6. Put the cards into a bag/container and let your child draw songs to sing.

7. Have fun!

I am participating in Family Moment Monday.


Kaci said...

Awhhh she is cute beautiful blue eyes!! :)

m said...

Always good! Thank you! :)

Erin said...

Hey, I just wanted you to know that I love your blog so much I included it in my post for this week:

Rosemary Bogdan said...

What a great, simple idea. I can see how the little kids would just love this. And making music fun is what it's all about, isn't it.

Lyndsie said...

I love this idea! My little ones love to sing, but we often will start at the begining of our books and never get to the end! This would mix things up!

Leah said...

cutie pie kiddo!!

Fun idea! My son's preschool teacher does something similar. She finds little objects to put into a bag, and the child in charge of choosing the song at circle time reaches in and pulls out an object and they sing whatever song goes along with the object (they sang a song about apples the other day, so the object in the bag was a small pretend apple). The kids really enjoy it, so I know this is an awesome suggestion for people! good job!

Anonymous said...

YOU'RE definitely inspiring me to push my kids in this direction.

MizFit said...

as always LOVELOVELOVE the posts here.

so up beat and creative and OUTSIDE THE BOX.

have a great day,


Michelle @ A Happy Heart said...

I absolutely adore this idea Andrea! You are such a musical genious! Love your posts!

Sheena said...

such a cute idea! thanks! =)

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